Where it all started

      My goal has always been to inspire those around me. The main reason I had created this blog back in 2011 was when I  was going through some fun adventure of saving money. I was using coupons like there was no tomorrow. Then I became pregnant and life happened, and then moved to Japan…yes Japan.   This California girl who never knew what it was like to live more than two hours away from her parents packed up and moved across the world.  Fast forward to today… I still have the same passion to inspire those around me, whether its through a recipe, or project, or simply by opening up about my life experiences. Now you might ask , Why My Precious Penny?  Its simple, yet a bit long.  Recently I read about the jar full of 936 pennies. If you haven’t read the post you can here.  Basically the post is about a mother who receives a jar full of pennies, and the exact number of pennies is very important. Each penny is one week of her child’s life. She has to remove a penny at the end of each week.  Sometimes we don’t’ stop to think how fast life is going.  I know as a mom I’ve thought to myself how crazy it would be when the kids (my 7 year old and 2 year old ) are old enough to stay at home.  I don’t want them to grow up truthfully.  They are still innocent and so loving still. Not that they won’t be but you get the idea.  Well this post really hit home for me because I’m often thinking of how I can savor each and everyday with my children.  I knew I would love being a mother, and its almost sad knowing that soon they won’t need me as much, or soon they won’t live here. What I can do though is make the most out of each and every day.  Those who know me already know a little dark secret about me.  I am not only a mother of two wonderful children on this Earth, but I also have a little angel up in heaven.  My beautiful Penelope was born on March 2012, and she would have been almost 3 years old now. She would have been my middle child. I don’t often speak of her due to the fact that most people don’t know exactly what to say, but also because I’ve learned to create a new normal for myself. She is MY little precious Penny…     I hope you continue to read my blog, I promise you its heart felt, inspiring, sometimes funny, and always genuine.

One thought on “Where it all started

  1. Wow, what a story! My name is Eryn, I wrote that original blog post about the 936 pennies. I happened to come across this today, and wanted to thank you for the huge encouragement. Your story is helping me see exactly how God is using my story to encourage and reach others. Blessings to you in your writing. I pray it does for you what my writing has for me–help me to see my world a little clearer.

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